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WW1 Remington mfg. Mosin-Nagant 1917 dated

Discussion in 'WTS/WTT Rifles' started by hiker45acp, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. hiker45acp

    hiker45acp NES Member

    Aug 21, 2005
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    Peoples Republik of Massachusetts
    IMG_5456.JPG IMG_5454.JPG IMG_5457.JPG IMG_5465.JPG IMG_5468.JPG IMG_5460.JPG IMG_5470.JPG IMG_5469.JPG IMG_5455.JPG IMG_5462.JPG WW1 Remington MFG. Mosin-Nagant, Contract rifle, dated 1917, 7.62x54R cal.. bolt and receiver numbers match. In very good condition, don't think the oil finish on the stock is original but looks great. Nice smooth action (its a Remington that's why) not clunky like the Russian mfg. Mosin-Nagants. Excellent bore, has original cleaning rod and new repro sling. Hard to find and a really nice shooter. If you know the history of these, you would know some went overseas and some stayed here in the states and were actually used by our National Guard units, more to it but that's the gist of it. This is also C&R and I have a C&R FFL for those that have one otherwise e-FA10 transfer at my dealer MA Firearms in Holliston, MA.

    Price: $650.00 Cash, Only trades I would consider are custom Knives; Fixed blades Randall, Treeman/Behring, Beck, etc...folders; Spartan, Hinderer, Benchmade, you get the gist, high end folders, etc...If you have any custom knives or high end folders to trade give me a shout.

    Contact: PM me first we can go from there.
    Terms: Cash, no trades. No commitment until date for transaction is set. C&R FFL transfer or e-FA10 transfer (State of MA).

    Statement of Legal compliance:
    I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by Fed law when both buyer and seller live in same state), I will meet all applicable state and federal laws.

    When ammunition, magazines or other regulated items are sold/bought or traded as part of this transaction, I agree to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to these items.
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