WTS WTT: Running 1999 SAAB 9-3 Conv (selling as scrap) $400 OBRO

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Apr 5, 2013
Haffa sack over the Border
I have a 1999 SAAB 9-3 I am selling as scrap due to it's high miles (~148,000 miles) and a few issues. IT RUNS AND I DROVE IT TO WORK 70 MILES A DAY (HIGHWAY) WITH VERY FEW ISSUES.


Driver's side leather coming undone, exposing cushion.
Driver's side window had a roller break. Window goes up but is misaligned and can come off track.
Small hole in exhaust line.
Car stutters and sometimes shuts off when driving and breaking very fast. FI most likely.
Slips out of gear (automatic by the way) when first started up and going into reverse.
Temp controls removed, no heat, AC, defrost, front defrost, etc...)
Roof leaks due to holes, some water damage inside.
Right headlight gone.
Passenger side front fender is damage after a dent was fixed.

This car would be for parting out and scrap. I dont want to sell it to someone as a working vehicle because it does have issues that I dont want people dealing with who are buying it as a drivable car.

Please send me an offer for cash or trade. If it's a trade, I'm looking for firearms of all sorts and sizes. Let me know what you have! Firearm related is the only trade I will entertain. And I will present proper LTC-A for any transfers.


If you want more pics, let me know of what specifically.
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