Writing your Reps in Washington is Tough Because......

Jim Poulette

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Feb 3, 2009
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......they never answer questions, nor can they figure out basic word processing. :oops:

How anyone could sign there name to such a half-baked piece of correspondence to a constituent is mind boggling.

Well, what was the subject of the letter to which they were responding?

I'm sure that unless it was something that was of particular interest, and on the correct side of the issue, that this was auto-filled by an intern, and auto-signed.

Also, did you write the original letter in blue crayon? I find it comes across as more serious, and professional, than red, or green (yellow is right out)? [laugh]

BTW....it should have been, "Their name," in your OP /Grammar Nazi [wink]
I'm sure that unless it was something that was of particular interest, and on the correct side of the issue, that this was auto-filled by an intern, and auto-signed.

I'll agree with that. Amazing what academia is producing these days.

The letter was in regard to EMT/rescue services funding - several programs are set to expire this year. The letter was clear, articulate, and referenced the appropriate bills.

You'd think with the aging population (nationally), the fentanyl epidemic (nationally), and the increase of aliens with no medical history (illegal or otherwise - nationally), you'd think someone would be on top of this. Wrong again. :cool:
the sad part is that it looks like a bad ChatGPT letter or internot article. All platitudes and repetition without directly addressing the original topic. At least the token responses I got back today showed that they knew what I had written about
Looks like the standard letter a staffer or intern spits out with a couple clicks on a web page. Nothing more than “ya we got
Your letter”.

In my years of trying to write the only politicians who responded in a manner that made me believe they (or someone) actually read my letter were

Scott Brown
Ted Kennedy
Jim McGovern (to tell he didn’t care what I thought)
And Richard Ross

The rest either went with no response or got a boilerplate letter back.
Looking in more detail, it looks like a template driven letter, where someone picked too many of the choices, when they should have picked just one. The first paragraph is in a different font, and all the rest are almost the same. I used to write office systems (contracts, legal, etc) to do that (before pc's) and it looks suspiciously like that.
Writing your reps is EASY. Getting a meaningful, satisfying response from them is an entirely different issue.

I've written my Senator at least half-a-dozen times in the last year regarding the ATF's overstepping of their authority to decide that braced pistols are short-barrelled-rifles and thus are NFA items.

I keep getting back form letters telling me that he supports the second amendment and citizens right to bear arms - but - he has to balance that with the safety of the public.

Bullshit. It's an enumerated right, he doesn't get to decide what our constitutional rights are.

Yet he wishes me well with each email, thanks me for writing him and tells me that he cares about his constituents.

Like I said, it's gotten so bad that they don't even try to hide it anymore.

It's like - give me the money, I'll do what I want, and that's that. No wonder things are circling the porcelain convenience the way that they are. :oops:
Every time I wrote a rep or senator when I lived in NH, I got the same exact response...every time. I tabulated all of Shaheen's responses into one email (I think it was about a dozen) and sent her that email asking here to change it up a little bit....what did I get back? The same damned reply! They really don't give a pair of donkey balls about their "constituents"...and these were handwritten letters about what she was going to vote on in the near future.
If writing to a Dem i believe DNC does the replies for them,,, i wrote to Shaheen and Custer on the same subject and the reply from both was pretty much word for word identical, so i doubt even their interns saw it.
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