Winter War Russian/Finnish Fire&Ice

Dec 27, 2005
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There's a deal taking place right now to show the new Fire & Ice video about the russian/finnish winter war on PBS check you local listings for when it will be aired. Don't miss this great story about this forgotten war how this little country held off the russians while being drastically out numbered. You will see a lot of our toys if you look quickly there's a lot of M24's and M27's. Wether your into mosins or not you will enjoy this video. Remember these countries fought when it was one of the worst winters we ever had too it was between 40 to 50 degrees below zero. Enjoy...
A quick search showed nothing so far, but i've been meaning to get this film on DVD for a while.
Check out the Finn soldiers pic I posted in the bubbas forum.

They don't mention it in the video but in the "Rifles of the White Death" there was a battle were 32 finnish soldiers fought against 4,000 russians and the russians retreated with 3,600 and there was 5 finn's left alive. I think this new fire & ice dvd has caused the prices on the finnish mosins to rise.
Yup the M24 carbines & M27's finnish mosins are in the DVD, the VHS movie and the "world at war" video too. Lots of finnish rifles.
I'd hardly call an M24 a Carbine. It's the full length gun, 51" long.


There is two different M24 models one is like the 91/24 and the other is a M24 carbine it has a front site like the M27/M39 has. Here are some pics of all of them.

I could swear i seen a really short carbine that looked like an M24 but it could of been an M27 along side an M39. It could be that they have some ultra rare carbines still in Finland for war games. I'll have to watch the DVD again and see which one it is.
It was to me too when i first seen it. I was at a gun show once and came across a strange stock on a mosin it had double sling loops on the rear of the stock. The guy had two of these strange mosins. I went home and checked mosin site and found out it was a Finnish Ski Troops rifle. Both rifles were pretty crusty because they were probably under the snow for quite sometime. I went back the next day and the better gun was gone. It sure makes sense to study the different mosins now for sure because we never know what will show up. I have been looking for an M27 & M24 carbine but the carbines are very rare. I'm sure they are out there somewhere?
I did pick up 6 of those M91/30 Finnish Civil Guard rifles from Samco a while back. Three of them have skinny mosin stocks and three of them have pot belly stocks but there all in Excellent+ condition. Five of them have the [SA] and one has the number #41 on it. The bolts matched but they were counterbored. I stayed buying them because they were in great condition and each one is different. Now I wished I filled a room up with them because no one wanted these back then and look at what their worth now. Just kidding but its true some guys have houses full of swede mausers.
YUP its a Finnish M91/30. But they are different dates or different manufacturers. The wood is 99.9% and bluing is 99.9% too on these.
I picked up a VKT M39 over 25 years ago and it was shot once and its been in the safe growing roots with all my other Finn's since. If you remember if your that old or were into surplups then this was the time when the 7,62x54 ammo was scarce. Just before the 7,62x39 ammo dried up the first time. I managed to get a half case of copper washed chinese 7,62x54 it was the last one for $99. I got a "B" barrel and a Sako M39 from the last time that Southern Ohio Gun had them a few years back. Everything is in the blackhole in the safe.
Fire and Ice is currently scheduled to air on WGBH Create (Comcast 209) on February 18 at 10:30 PM and February 19 at 5 PM.
USMA-82 said:
I got mine about three days after placing the order online. Excellent film! Now I have to find an M39 at the Marlboro show tomorrow!

Greg will be there selling guns this weekend and another friend of mine Stoney Acre Sports. Good luck.
Many a Ruskie died by Simo's firearms. From what I have read more were shot by a Suomi machine gun than the M28. He is a hero in Finland for his deeds during the war. I wish I could legally put this Lahti M26 back together.
Fire and Ice video. Never heard. Maybe it was not so good. ( The Finnish fighter = ten Russians, but what then with eleventh Russian?).
Thank You mr Surps 4 Me for adress, but there was a virus. The dokuments are ok. Those days was hard and honourable. Generalismus Josef Stalin was thinkig that it is 5-7 days and Finland is ours. False notion was expensive to Sovjet Union.
13th March is the national Holiday in Finland, when they celebrate the end of that war.
27,000 Fins and 127,000 Soviets are believed to have fallen.
I am sorry, but 13th March is no The National holiday in Finland. 6th December is Finlands independence day and then we are remembing ours war veterans.
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