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Mar 3, 2010
Central MA
I strayed, but I'm back.

I didn't stay true to NES and stay green. I let my green status lapse as I became to busy with other things. It wasn't worth it.

While I was here as a green member I meet some real good people and learned some interesting things. I used the group buys for many great items, bought and sold stuff, gave and won some Karma items. It was great but I lost focus and went in other directions.

After my recent lobotomy I am proud to say that I'm fully focused again!

In honor of my rebirth......I offer up a one year paid membership to NES. You can be a Green member-I will extend your membership so you don't stray as I have; or you can be just a plain old registered member-Once your green you will see the value ten times over!

I will choose the lucky number from a random number generator when Hillary is charged with her crimes!

Oops, guess that's not happening! My bad. So I will draw the number in a couple weeks then.
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