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Win a $12,000 Heirloom Pistol Package and Help Children with Cancer!

Sep 9, 2005
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The Police Officers Safety Association and Louder Than Words has teamed up to raffle a Custom 1911 pistol, knife, and holster package worth $12,000 with proceeds to benefit The Jimmy Fund / Dana Farber Cancer Institute for pediatric cancer research.

Louder Than Words (www.louderthanwords.us) has donated the custom prize package. LTW is a collaboration of some of the country's finest craftsmen in custom guns, knives, and holsters, who donate their work to charity.

The 2006 Cops4Kids Raffle Package includes a highly customized stainless steel Colt Series 80 1911 pistol. Each of the renowned LTW gunsmiths will add their special touch. The gun craftsmen extraordinaire include Ted Yost, Ned Christiansen, C.T. Brian, Chuck Rogers, Don Williams, John Harrison, Stan Chen, Lew Bonitz, Steve Bailey, Jason Burton, and Tony Barnes.

The one-of-a-kind knife was custom built by two of the top craftsmen in the industry; Neil Blackwood and Jim Burke.

The black sharkskin holster, magazine pouch, and knife sheath were hand-made by legendary holster makers, Josh Bullman and Lou Alessi.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind heirloom package!

For photographs, more details, and to enter the sweepstakes, visit www.posacops4kids.com/raffle. The raffle will end December 29, 2006 and the drawing will be held at the Shot Show on January 11, 2007.

The POSA Cops4Kids program is inspired by and dedicated to the memory of Isabella de Bethencourt. In May 2003, eleven-month old Isabella succumbed to cancer at Children's Hospital in Boston after living most of her short life there. In appreciation of the selfless, Herculean efforts that the hospital staff made to save her life, Isabella's parents, Heather and Michael, created an event to raise money for the hospital to help other children like Isabella.

To purchase your raffle tickets, go to the raffle website located at www.posacops4kids.com/raffle. Buy one, or several chances to win this one-of-a-kind heirloom set. Winners will be notified after the drawing. If you have ever known a child with cancer, you will understand our drive to help!

Please pass the word and let as many people know about this as possible!

Many thanks,

Police Officer Safety Association – www.posai.org
Louder than Words – www.louderthanwords.us
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The only problem is read the disclaimer. If I read it correctly, it states that if for any reason you can't take possession of the gun, you forfeit the entire prize package.

From Rule #4. https://www.posacops4kids.com/raffle/sweeps_form.aspx

In the event the winner is unable to take possession of the firearm portion of the prize, for any reason, the entire prize is forfeited.

Well Colt Defenders are NOT MA approved and thus a transfer in MA is not legally possible for the entire gun. Legally the frame could be transfered if the sponsors decided that Ted Yost needed to do some additional work on the slide and that might come at some later date direct from Ted's shop. [wink]

Otherwise as I read it MA residents could not win any portion of the prize.

Please correct me if I read this wrong?
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sigh... well... still a good cause and I never win any of these things anyway...

course it would still annoy the heck out of me IF I did win and couldn't accept it because of lameassMASS laws...
According to Darius, we can get it transfered in the state. So it IS mass compliant

The way to do it legally is as I mentioned in my last paragraph. Just didn't know if the organizers would go to that much trouble.

As a "point of edification". Nothing you do can make this gun "MA Compliant" unless it was resident of MA on 10/21/98. Frames aren't "guns" in MA and therefore do NOT need to be "MA Compliant" in order to sell/transfer them. That's the loophole that this prize can utilize (but very carefully) in order to go to a MA resident.
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I'm not sure how it will be done, but if a Mass resident wins, the transfer will take place!
I'm a bit fuzzy on the whole "Frame" vs. whole gun thing... What can I do with the frame?.. (be gental... I'm still a total noob here [smile] )

and if its not on the list... how can it be transfered to a MA resident?
so... I can't buy the whole gun... but I can buy all the parts and build it (have it built) and it is now legal?

Thats like saying I can't buy a Ford Truck unless I buy the parts and build it in my back yard...

Sorry to get off track... but just trying to figure this out.
One way around it is to transfer the frame separately since the law does NOT prohibit transfers of frames. In that case, the slide would come separate. It takes 10 seconds to put them together.
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