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Why The Hell

Feb 20, 2006
Myrtle Beach,S.c
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Better Choices..

1. for Bostonian
2. for Southern
3. for Valley Girl
4. for Chicago
5. for New York Tough Guy
flotter390 said:

Seriously!...I don't remember which company it was, but I called an insurance company one day for one of my patients, and English was option '2'!!! I had a FIT!

Needless to say, once I fixed the prescription problem, I worked my way up the chain of command of people and got one of the higher up supervisors and ripped into them about how disgusting it was to have to hear that English was option 2. I filed a formal complaint, but unfortunately I doubt it ever went anywhere.
Check out Time magazine this week for a good article on the last page regarding the English language debate. Surprisingly, the article recommends English as a National Language in a logical and thoughtful way.

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