Why I dislike Liberals So Much

May 5, 2005
Vermont, a Free State
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Some of you already know where I'm employed, and by whom. If not, this might not make much sense. If you know, this it makes complete sense.

I just had an "interesting" experience. You think your Liberals in Mass are bad? You've apparently got nothing on Maryland.

I just took a truck out on a road test, and sure enough, along comes a Japanese Compact, bearing Maryland plates and a bumper sticker "B MORE AGAINST THE WAR HON". Well, traffic slows down, around goes Mr (or Ms, didn't see which) Baltimore (like I'd be proud of that), and I move over to the passing lane, right behind this jerk. Instantly they brake, moderately hard, and for no reason (other than the truck I'm in and the color of it). Damn, I just hate these clowns.

At least Vermonters and ALL New Englanders (and NY and NJ too) act better than this.

Luckily, it was a 3/4 ton Chevy truck. If you know where I work, you'll KNOW why they did it. And IF I'd had the accident, well, I don't see the cops seeing it their way, knowing Vermont traffic laws.
Moderator said:
Moderator said:
I just hate them because they are all screwed up.
And they want to take our guns.

I'm not a Conservative, but i'll kick anyone's ass who wants to take my guns.
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