Who else is shooting the 3 Gun in Harvard this Sunday?

Feb 28, 2005
Rhode Island
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Wondering if anyone else is planning on going this Sunday? The one they had in April was about the most fun I ever had shooting a match, and that was with sideways monsoon rain. Also; who uses shot for the poppers as opposed to slugs, and what weight do you choose & why?
Shot Selection

The answer to "who uses shot instead of slugs for the poppers" is "anyone who does not want to be disqualified from the match for a safety violation."

I'll be shooting the Harvard match this weekend.

Slugs are not used on poppers at three gun matches, and it's rare to find any use of steel with slugs in USPSA/IPSC shotgun stages, although the 18 round slug stage w/6 steel in Rochester, NY two weekends ago was a pleasant exception.

Shot used is typically 6-7-8-9, with #4 for long shots on steel in some matches. Harvard is limiting shooters to shot size of with 7 or smaller or 6 or smaller (I forgot which), so there is no need to pack any #4s. I'll be using 7 1/2's for the steel shooting, and Federal Tactical (marketing for "wimp load") slugs for the slug stage.
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