Which Gun Rights Groups Do You Belong To?


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Apr 29, 2005
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I am curious as to which gun rights groups at which levels the members of this forum belong to. I firmly believe that (individual financial status permitting) you should belong to at least three groups.

1. National: Everyone who values the right to own firearms should be involved or supportive of national efforts to protect these rights. I personally suggest the NRA as the big dog on the block. But since not everyone likes the NRA, there are alternatives such as GOA, SAF, CCRKBA, JPFO, and possibly a few others. But the important thing is to do more than say that someone ought to do something: help do it.

2. State: Just about every state has a state-wide organization which is either political, sports-oriented, or hopefully both. Join and help work at the state level to both protect your rights and help sustain the shooting sports, hunting, and protect what ranges still exist. For those of us in the People's Commonwealth, MASS GOAL is the one.

3. Local: Just as the late Tip O'Neal is credited with saying, "All politics is local.". Do you support your local club/range? Keeping your club at a membership level and financial position to work to exert some influence is one of the best investments you can make. If your local club does not seem to be that active, get together with some like-minded people and work to elect club officers who will get involved.

Some people say that we should not have to work to protect what is rightfully ours, namely our freedoms. They think that the fact that these freedoms exist and have been enumerated in the past should be enough and that this will insure that thew will be respected. But sadly, this is not the case. Many, if not all freedoms, are the targets of those who do not agree and would deny us these freedoms.

It is up to us to not only work to protect our freedoms, but to inspire others to also work for this same goal. Judging from what I have seen on this forum so far, I would guess that most members agree to a greater or lesser degree. I hope I am correct.

Well, that's my soapbox. I'm willing to share it with others.
Local: MRA in Woburn
State: GOAL
National: I just rejoined NRA last week for the first time something like 10 years. I don't always agree with everything they do or the way they do it, but as many others have said before, they're the only game in town for effectively protecting the 2nd Amendment.

I just rejoined NRA last week for the first time something like 10 years.

Welcome back. We need all the members we can get. I agree that the NRA is not always right, but they are there and they do their best.
And I do try to write to my congress-critters and legislators regarding specific legislation.

I just don't know if there is any value at all in writing to Kennedy or Kerry. My impression over the years has been that they are so arrogantly sure of their power and the inevitability of their re-election that they don't even bother sending out form-letter acknowledgements to consitituents who write about issues like gun cotnrol.

On the other hand, I've received prompt and seemingly sincere responsee from my Mass. legislators, even though they are given D and F ratings by GOAL. They, I think, keep their ears to the rail and pay attention when local voters speak out against their positions.
National: NRA (Benefactor), GOA (Life). I was in JPFO until Alan Rice gave me the sotry on everything that Zelman was pulling there.

State: GOAL (Benefactor), GONH, was one of the original members of GOCalifornia when I lived there.

Local: only one club, Westford, but I manage to keep damn busy there between Chief RSO, instructor and webmaster. Both rep and state senator and rep know me pretty well. The rep is GOAL rated A+; the senator was originally rated F, but we've managed to work him up to a B- the past couple of years.

NRA (cert. instructor), GOA, GOAL, my gun club which is active in the community. We did a Women on Target shoot last year at the club. It went over really well.
National: Sent in my application to the NRA last week (joining through GOAL). Just like masochusetts wrote, I don't always agree with them, but they do some very good work to support the second amendment.

State: GOAL - recent member.

Local: Still investigating clubs. I hope to check out the MRA in the near future and I've been over to the North Reading Rifle indoor range, which is just a few minutes away from my house. 50' range (no intermediate positioning of targets) with 6 stations for all caliber handguns and 6 stations for .22 rifle/handgun. No rifles larger than .22 or shotguns. Considering how close it is to my home (and that it's inexpensive), I think it may be a great place to join along with a larger, more full-featured club like the MRA.
fubar said:
Hassle my Senators - they have to go away some day , don't they ?

One can always hope. :D Although right now we've got a pretty decent one who's pretty good about gun laws. Unless you're talking about the Federal ones....that's another story....
Hey Ken:

What's up with the JPFO? I hadn't heard the story on Zelman..... I always thought the organization was going in the right direction - especially its focus on basic human rights and kids.

Thanks for that Ken. I never knew of any of that, and frankly, probably won't renew with JPFO. I can get their little comics from other sources (fred'sm14stocks.com) and will likely do that as I need them.
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