Where to get gun powder and primers?

Jul 25, 2008
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I was wondering where to get gun powder and primers in the New Bedford/Fall River area. I rather buy them at a store because I don't plan on buying large amounts to make the $25 hazardous shipping fee worth it.
Car's Sporting Goods
1452 Somerset Avenue
Taunton, MA 02780-5073
(508) 823-3218

Have not purchased reloading supplies from him recently, but he had some a while back.

The Powder Keg
880 East Street
Mansfield, MA

Greg usually has some powder and primers for sale.
BassPro in Foxboro if you want to drive a bit, powder is in the isle and primers are behind the counter because they're dangerous or something...unless you want black powder primers, they're in the isle
Another + for Heritage... I was there this past Sat. Even though they were moving locations and lots of stuff still packed up, they were helped me find everything I needed. They even gave some advice on what to get.
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