Where to buy - 10mm in W. Mass?


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Nov 15, 2006
Western PRofMA
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Anyone seen any 10mm on a shelf anywhere in W. Mass? My G21 conversion barrel came in MUCH faster than I anticipated......

in before reload

I don't think you can find 10mm on the shelves anymore. I just buy some from people who ditched thier 10mm hand guns and eventually I'll start reloading.
In WMA...couldn't help you. I've spotted it rather frequently at Cabelas down in CT, though. You can also order it online and have it shipped to the store (even as a MA resident) to guarantee that it'll be there when you go shopping.
Looks like Cabelas might be my closest source. I still can't believe my barrel came in before any of the brass I have on backorder. [thinking]

Thanks, all.
Manchester Firing Line and 4 Seasons had some. Most places don't stock it or they are sold out.

Looking for obscure ammo is a good excuse to go from gun store to gun store.
Either would work - while I'd rather shoot my reloads, I don't have any 10mm brass (yet).

Match Shot in Gardner used to sell 10mm "M&M reloads" made by someone in NH, and probably still does. This was more than a year ago, but they still might, it can't hurt to call and ask. (978) 632-6499. Depending on where you live you might not consider Gardner "Western Mass." though.

Piece of advice though, if you leave a message on the answering machine it won't be returned, and if you plan on driving to the store, call ahead that day to make sure that they're there, they hit a lot of gun shows and close the shop when they do.

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The Google review got their hours very wrong, and makes it look like they're only open one day a week, which I doubt is the case.

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Moral to the story: The sooner you order some commercial 10mm ammo, because you're impatient and the brass is never going to come off backorder; the sooner the brass will show up. But, not before the ammo order ships.....[banghead]

Not that this is all bad news, mind you. If enough ammunition is good, more ammunition is better.


Thanks for your help.
I've got a few boxes of my own 10mm reloads, for which I have no gun to digest them.
Half are a JHP, the other half is the 150g Frangible. You might be able to twist my arm to sell them, if you are ever in New Haven area.
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