What's it Take to Wake 'Em Up?

Let em dig their own graves... It really doesn't do ANYTHING but help my cause.

And we saw in that other thread just how effective CS spray is!

MrsWildweasel said:
Yup, it's really been effective over there. [roll]

Agreed... Just look at some of the movies. I remember on I saw that had a "police officer" trying to detain someone. They pointed a gun in his face and said something to the effect of... "Go ahead draw your club"

Funny shit
"The CS spray is carried by all officers, and is rarely used. It is there if we need it though, and it is better than using live ammunition."

I'm sure the press will report it when the next rocked-up-on-crack perp jams that CS can up the Bobby's tailpipe. Just see my post on Pepper Spray. But I think if you say somthing enugh it DOES make it true! [roll]

Oh well, I guess I can't complain...I'm never going to live there!

-Weer'd Beard
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