Oct 6, 2005
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OK I know its like fish stories However, I once amazed myself @ 100yrds. I was shooting .22LR from a scoped rifle and aimed @ a white butterfly @ the bottom of the target and Hit IT! [wink] REALLY! [/b]
In Boulder City, NV a 1000 yard match. Sgt Watkins tacked up CPL Page's hat to the target and ran it up. He radio'd me on the line that it was at the top of the 7 ring. I moved my aim point up 1/4 and put a .308 round through the brim.

CPL Page was making a head call at the time and didn't know what we were up to. It was great comedy. [wink]
Cross-X said:
A draw and fire snap-shot -- straight into the x-ring of a 50 ft pistol target with my Sig 226 9mm.

In front of two unbelieving witnesses.

Did you say "Damn, that was a loose X!" ? Sweet shooting.

C-Pher, they need to make a show called "Kids shoot the darndest things"

I used to shoot everything with my scoped pellet gun. [lol]
I've had several.

But one that sticks out is squirrel hunting with a 22 (513T Remington) and getting a head shot on one in the nest. My friends with me thought that was something. I knew it was something - LUCK.

We used to shoot at fly targets at 100 yards for fun. I could get up to 4 out of 5. Proper equipment there. Not bad for a 13 to 15 year old, either.

The best one I could've had, I waited too long. Had two woodchucks lined up, could've gotten 2 with 1 shot, about 100 yards, maybe 150. Again, proper equipment, same gun I shot the fly targets with.

Done at about 10 yards, just about as fast as I could pull the trigger with my CS45. As I was leaving the range I decided I should probably shoot my carry piece as I hadn't for a while.

I went to the line, pulled it out quickly fired 6 quick shots. One of them hit the outer ring at about 8 oclock.

Never shot that good before, never will again, probably.
Nickle said:
Of course, there's always this one.


That's the last time I'm going to let the IDPA guys borrow my car for a stage prop.
100 yd Offhand shot to take my first deer ever. Hit the neck, severed the spinalcord. Dropped dead and didn't have to into the swamp to track her.

Also, best hunting line on the trip.

My friend after going to check it out.

'You shot off the F'ng horns!' (big ass doe)
derek said:
C-Pher, they need to make a show called "Kids shoot the darndest things"

I used to shoot everything with my scoped pellet gun. [lol]

I think that they should. I'm sure that you can think of all the things that we used to try to shoot with our BB guns. But I never had a scope on them... Lucky bastard. :D :D
The moving UPS truck was my favorite. I used to hit it 3 or 4 times before he went past the house. :D
Ice storm of 98'. Power hadn't been on for a week at this point and 7 days of cold showers and no tv is enough to drive any man crazy. Friends come get me for some shooting. Well I don't know if anyone remembers that storm but it had snowed about 3 feets and with the drifts it was about 5 feet in my back yard, then about 10 inches of ice. Friends I I raided the our friend's alchoholic fathers recycle bin, we found one of those little tiny liquer bottles, after a long day of shooting noone could hit it. Finally I made a bet for 50 bucks I could hit it in one shot with my beretta 380, it was about 30-35 yards away with heavy winds. They took the bet, I started messing around and playing with stances, slipped, flew backwards into the air, gun went off, I feel through the ice and down into it about 3 feet and all I remember was that my ankle was hurting bad. I started screaming that I had shot myself, finally got the strengh to climb out of the hole and realized the reason my friends werent helping me was because they were still in awe that I hit the bottle while flying through mid air.

Of course if I hadn't been crying like a little girl because I thought I had been hit, then I MIGHT have been able to act like I hit it on purpose like that.
25-30 years ago I came home with my kids one Sunday morning to discover that our house had been burglarized while we were gone. I didn't notice it immediately, and walked into the house with the kids. If the kids hadn't been there, or if I'd noticed it before entering the house, it almost certainly wouldn't have bothered me as much as it did. (Having been back in the world a bit under 10 years probably didn't help that much either.) The following week, still royaly p.o.'d I went to the range to try to relax a bit. After running a silhouette target down about 50 feet I grabbed my PPK/s from the top of the range bag and emptied it toward the target as fast as I could. Not expecting to have hit much of anything, I ran the target back to discover, much to my surprise, everything in a 2-1/2" group dead center. I won't hold my breath waiting for it to happen again.

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