what will they get first?

Mar 6, 2006
northshore, ma
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which guns do you think theyll ban first?

my first thoughts are anything based on the AK/AR platform...forget pre and post ban...itll be a total ban

then i think...in my mind...the next thing theyd ban would be anything in .500...

but i was wondering if theyd ban things like m1 carbines or garands or m14s
Honestly, I think if they're going to ban anything, forget the rifles. They're going to ban handguns (yes, ALL of them).

They'll make it so each family can have one rifle and one shotgun, for hunting purposes only. That's what the doomsdayer in me says.
When a "ban" is referenced here, does it imply ban on purchase or ban on ownership? If the ban is on purchase, I'm going to fire up my credit card. If the ban is on ownership, I'll be having a fire sale shortly.

Are you talking about in MA or nationally? If national, I'm not so sure they will impose limits on handguns. Since 1986, a huge number of states have enacted CCW laws, and I've got to think that handgun ownership is up. I think I read somewhere that after Katrina there was a major surge in applications for handguns.

I'm a little puzzled about why Congress let the AWB ban lapse. Was it going to be too costly politically? Did they conclude that the AWB wasn't effective/had too many loopholes? Was something else going on?

Nationally, I don't think it's doom and gloom for gun owners. But in some states, we're screwed.
There were very clear statistics that showed that the nation AWB failed completely in the purpose of reducing crimes committed with semi-automatic rifles. The experiment was done, it failed miserably. That should be the the fact that is repeatedly brought up if anyone tries to restore the ban. And that fact also needs to be explained clearly and repeatedly to the Massachusetts legislature so we can repeal the AWB here.
If there is ever a ban on ownership, they'll get the only part of my goods that'd be illegal, receivers! Barrels, bolts, stocks, even retaining bands will be legally stocked away in another state's storage facility. Worst case secanrio is I can always get more value by parting out the pieces, especially fancy wood stocks. Better situation is eventually moving to a free state and having the fun of building new rifles.
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