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What is going on??? Haven't heard from GOAL..

Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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Ok, so I know that we were to be bugging our reps and the Senate Prez...

And I've e-mailed and called Robert Travaglini and never heard anything back...

Does anyone know what's going on with the Target bill?

I know that the summer break is coming up, and it's like it's gound to a halt. I haven't been able to get any new news in sometime.

Is there anyone that knows anything??
Lots of lip service.
Getting close to election time. Keep the "gun nuts" on the hook, waiting and waiting. Don't piss off the anti's before the election.
The bill is still waiting for its third reading in the senate.

I talked with Nancy a couple of days ago. GOAL has had some trouble getting email messages out since Verizon changed some of its policies regarding mass emailing. Long story short: 3,000+ emails to go out and somewhere along the way policy changes throw a wrench in the works. If anyone knows of a good (and inexpensive/ free) mass emailer that works let me know* I will pass on the information (along with the credit, if you want) to Nancy.

Call your senator in general court to get the fires going. You can find out whom this is at:

*I don't work at GOAL anymore, but am still in contact with the office on a semi-regular basis.
I got an Email about it the other day from GOAL, but it was probably being sent to Club Reps/Activists (a much smaller group), so it snuck thru Verizon's filters.

Suggestion may be to change over to commercial cable-modem service. A commercial account should cost ~$100/month and should allow GOAL to function properly (but worth asking before signing up). I called a friend who works in Comcast management and confirmed the above, but regrettably Comcast does NOT operate in Northboro, so GOAL would have to check with the local cable companies (RCN, Cox, Charter) to see what would work for them.
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