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What happens when you get an infraction.

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Aug 24, 2005
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Some of you seem to think that infractions are jokes. Some members actually thought they were a badge of honor. They're not. When you break the rules, and the mods issue an infraction, this is what happens....automatically....by the forum software.

Each infraction given is 1 "point".

Based on the "Points" result at the top of the infraction page:
1 Point - No action - just a warning to the member.
2 Points - 7 Day Ban - automatically
3 Points - 1 Month Ban - automatically
4th infraction gets you a permanent ban - automatically

Mods, of course, can still do things manually and step up the process if necessary.

The rules are meant to be followed for the good of the forum, its members and our image on the web.

Perhaps you have noticed quite a few people missing lately?
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