What constitues "direct control" in MA?

Mar 18, 2005
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Section 131C. (a) No person carrying a loaded firearm under a Class A license issued under section 131 or 131F shall carry the same in a vehicle unless such firearm while carried therein is under the direct control of such person. Whoever violates the provisions of this subsection shall be punished by a fine of $500.

Anyone know what constitutes "direct control"? Does this mean it has to be on my person? Reason I ask is because my paddle holster interferes with the seatbelt (and it's not all that comfortable seated in the car anyway) and I've found that the holster clips securely onto the lip of the storage compartment next to my left leg (at the bottom of the driver's door). It gives me easy, weak-side access to the handgun and also makes it invisible from view and prevents access from anywhere but the driver's seat. I don't know that this constitutes "direct control", however, and don't want to find out during a traffic stop. I can always cross-carry to alleviate the seatbelt problem, or get a shoulder holster for car travel...it's not like there's not options, but this seemed so convenient (which probably means illegal, here in MA).
According to Ron Glidden at today's seminar, within reach of licensee is LEGAL. As Ron says, some officers may disagree and arrest but the law is reasonably clear on the issue.
Thanks very much for that information. I wish I could have made that seminar, but I had prior plans. Of course, those plans got canceled because of the weather, but I didn't find out until after the seminar had already started. Ain't it the way.

Thanks again!
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