What about RIFOL and RIRRA?

Mar 29, 2009
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There ate two other pro gun organizations in RI that for some reason do not have threads here.

the Rhode Island State Rifle and Revolver Association is NRA state affiliate, and has Ben around far longer than CRAL.

And RIFOL is similar to CRAL, except it is actually s non profit with a board of directors, unlike CRAL which is essentially owned by a single individual.

I'm not trying to denigrate CRAL by any means, but it should be noted that these two organizations are conspicuously absent from their own threads here.
Both RIFOL and CRAL have their own forums and deals mostly with issues at the town/city or at the State level. Unlinke many gun forums, most of the discussion is relates to gun issues in the State, but anything is open to discussion. Neither forums get anywhere near the traffic on NES. CRAL has filed several lawsuits while RIFOL is a younger organization and have not gotten to that point yet. They (mostly RIFOL) also track bills at the State level and testifies against/for bills at the State House and gives advice to residents that are not familiar with their gun rights and the RI Firearms Act.
RIFOL also tracks the policy of the various towns regarding their "shall" issue permitting policy that not all Chiefs follow and has helped several residents with the application process.

I do not see a need for RIFOL/CRAL to have their own threads on NES when they have their own forum (I am not aware of any other forums that does this either), but that's just my opinion.

I cannot speak for RISRARA since I don't hear much from them and their website does not contain any useful information. This is unfortunate since they are the NRA affiliate and are not seen very often at the State House.
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Thanx Newport. I've been on both forums. I just thought if New England Shooters was going to have designated threads for state associations, then threads for those two were missing, is all. I do agree it is a shame that RISRRA is so secretive and/or inaccessible. With the passing of Perry and Don, and the stepping down of Cynthia, I wonder what the effects (positive and negative) on the association will be.
RISRARA is listed on NRA's website as the State affiliate, but it's hard to even get in contact with them and I think they need to step it up now. Their abscense has been noticed at the State House as well. I have contacted them, and I suggest others do the same.
There have been a lot of gun bills introduced this session, and I also suggest that you contact your representatives when a bill is up for a vote.

The fact that Don and Cindy are not up there any longer will only have a negative effect on gun owners since they had quite a bit of influence up there.
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