Welding Machine 300amp Lincoln Idealarc 250


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Jul 9, 2009
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This machine is a beast. Will weld all day every day 24/7 100% duty cycle at 250 and below. If you crank it to the max 300 amps the duty cycle drops to 50%. I’ve never had to go above 125amps burning 1/8 wire. DC+, DC-, AC modes. 200 amp stinger and ground clamp some Tweko’s. Leads are a hodgepodge of what ever he had in the shop at the time. Some double ott some single ott and some 4ga. No problem up to 200 amp’s. I think there is approximately 25ft of ground and hot. Machine has the 3 wheel pull cart that was optional from Lincoln. Comes with a twist lock power plug that can be changed to what ever 220v 50a source you have. Leads are in need of some tape. I’ll give you a roll of the best electrical tape made. Real 3M.
Machine will weld up to 1" plate or better no issue. I’ve used it for snowplows, Trailer hitches, truck bodies, heavy equipment, etc... This machine will out preform any buzz box out there. Not to mention its a safe machine. It works on a linear frequency safe for human beings. I hear some of those new buzz boxes have current that is of a frequency harmful to humans. They require some type of adapter to weld in damp conditions. I know damp conditions are not ideal for any welder but this machine won’t harm you if you must weld in the rain.
300 bucks. If you don’t want the leads 250. I have more leads in the shop. I believe I have some 1-O or 2-O. I can get you to 100’ both ground and hot leads. Will work out a price depending what you want.
This is not a modern buzz box. This is a real welding machine out of a real shop (my dads) and has been in a real shop (mine) all its life. Never any problems. Nothing is wrong with this machine. I’m selling it because I have two of them. The last photo is of my other machine just so you know I’m not BS’ing anyone. You can come over and weld all day with it if you would like a test drive. I have plenty of junk 1/8 wire you can burn.

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