Weird day at the range!!!

Aug 10, 2005
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I plan on shooting in the CMP shoot Saturday, and haven’t fired a rifle all winter so I headed to the club with a 10/22, 4X scope; I picked up used last summer. Figured any rifle practice was better than nothing. The wind was blowing around Warp 8, so I headed for the indoor 50 foot range, hung a NRA 50 foot slow fire pistol target. When I was done I realized I’m a better pistol shot than rifle shot. I shoot an average of 95, 3X with my Ruger Mark III. I was shooting high 80’s, no X with the rifle. I need to practice more!!!!
Bob, did you sight in your MKIII for 50ft? Chances are the rifle is not sighted in for a 50 ft. shot, ergo, you'll shoot like crap. Rustiness included (your's with the rifle, not rust on the rifle). [wink]
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