Ways of the Gun

May 1, 2005
Somerville, MA
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Came across this article in Boston Magazine.

It's a long read so I won't post it up as a quote. It's definitely interesting, and even though John Rosenthal is one of the sources it doesn't come across as a 100% anti-gun article. Good reading if you have a few minutes. And I didn't notice many errors besides the "semi-automatic machine gun" put in there.

Same old crap. They admit that they're unable to put the criminals away, whether the truly evil ones (i.e., the gun runners) or the merely misguided youth (i.e., murderers, rapists, armed robbers). According to them, the existence of criminals is simply something that exacerbates the real problem, which is too many guns.

This is the same mentality that says it's hopeless to do anything about the demand for illegal drugs through either serious mandatory rehab programs or long prison time, and that the way to deal with the problem is to attack the supply line. Great job they've been doing for the past 40 years. Not much impact on the use, but they've managed to create hundreds of multi-millionaire narcotrafficantes, even more hundreds of rich, corrupt cops, prosecutors and attorneys, and dozens of billionaire drug lords and fund the Taliban, Al-Queda and a bunch more terrorist "liberation armies" around the world. Way to go guys; keep up the great work. [crying]

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