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WassermanSchultz Ammo Background Check Named for Parkland Victim Who Wouldn’t Have Been Saved by it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mikeyp, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. mikeyp

    mikeyp NES Member

    Feb 6, 2012
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    This idiot. Shooter passed a background check because of the "no school to prison" bs, so he would have passed the same freaking background check for ammo

    Wasserman Schultz Pushes Ammo Background Check Named for Parkland Victim Who Wouldn't Have Been Saved By It - The Truth About Guns

    By now, it’s been widely and conclusively established that the Parkland shooting was an epic failure of everyone involved in every level of government. Whether it was the Broward Schools, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas administration and security staff, the school resource officer, the Broward County Sheriff, or the FBI, every one of them failed to do even the minimum amount necessary to prevent the deaths of seventeen students and teachers.

    None of that, however, stopped the Florida legislature from enacting a slate of bills that would have done nothing to stop the shooting that day. But why stop there? As long as there are grandstanding politicians who oppose civilian firearm ownership, there’s always more opportunity to use a colossal failure like Parkland to push still more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.

    Which brings us to Florida’s Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s foursquare behind a federal universal background check requirement for ammunition purchases. Yes, ammunition.

    And just to ensure she pulls on as many hearstrings as possible when speechifying on the bill’s manifest benefits, she and Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, the bill’s co-authors, named the background check bill after one of the dead Parkland students.
  2. amm5061

    amm5061 NES Member

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Holliston, MA
    Seriously, shouldn't she be hiding under a rock in the most remote place she can find right now? How has Killary not gotten her yet? Is she still useful somehow?
  3. Dennis in MA

    Dennis in MA NES Member

    Feb 12, 2007
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    That PreK-to-Prison Pipeline. The Second-Grade-to-Slammer Subway. It's all such a big problem.

    Let's not fix a problem, let's just use a problem to push our agenda.

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