Walther P22?

Mar 2, 2006
hanson, MA
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I want to say thanks for all the great responses to my previous post. The first gun will definitely be either a .22 or a 9mm (unless I can talk my uncle in to giving me his Sig 232 but I wont get my hopes up) .

Any one know the good bad and ugly on the Walther P22? AG guns seems to have them for under $300 and i like the look since it is closer to what I will be carrying down the road.

Also, any info on the SW sigma series? It appears you can get them under 300 in both 9mm and 40sw but i have heard mixed reviews. thanks in advance

I have the s&w sigma 9mm had if for a few yrs, probably a case or so of ammo through it, w/o a hitch. easy to clean, and easy to shoot. price is right.

good luck
The P22 is OK but I agree that you should consider a used (or new) Ruger as your .22 because you will use it for the rest of your life. You will most likely outgrow the P22. The Sigma is Smith and Wesson's first foray into the polymer frame pistol world. It probably gets a bum rap because its just so damn ugly. I have seen a few at the range and have never known anyone to experience functional problems with them. Smith and Wesson also has outstanding customer service so if you're in the market for a new 9mm or .40 pistol you will probably be OK with a Sigma. Check out FS for used models around $225.00. Good luck.

I have a P22 and it's a fine little gun. My kids love to shoot it and so do I. There are lots of accessories available for it - I have a laser and there are red-dot sights, different barrels, etc. Mine has performed flawlessly with all sorts of ammo and over 3,000 rounds so far. I liked mine so much that I now own two other Walthers - a P99 and a P99C. It is much easier to field strip and clean than a Ruger, although a Ruger will probably be more accurate. If you are looking for a P22, I would recommend you get a new one, as the earlier models had some reliability issues that have given the pistol somewhat of a bad name..
Marcus in the Darkus said:
If you are looking for a P22, I would recommend you get a new one, as the earlier models had some reliability issues that have given the pistol somewhat of a bad name..

When do you think they started to get realiable? I was thinking of one as a pure plinker (I shoot a Ruger MKII) and something for the wife or friends to shoot (the Ruger is _much_ heavier and with the red dot it doesn't teach the basics).


You might check out my WTS ad. Someone checked with S&W and it was made after revisions were made in mfg to address some issues. I have a theory about ammo feed issues (try using thin plated bullets so wax/lead buildup in chamber is unlikely), but never checked it out.

I have several P22s and they are good little guns. They are fun to shoot and they are good to teach new shooters, especially children or smaller women. The Ruger MKII is also a great shooter with a lot more potential for pure accuracy. But it may be a shade more difficult, on the average, for a new shooter to learn with. Of course this can differ from student to student.

From the experience we have had with Sigmas at the shop I frequent, there is a reason why they are so inexpensive. Many of them are not very good. If you get a good one, that's great. But our experience is that there are more bad than good ones.

Your mileage may vary.
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