WTS VW “Durban” 18" wheels and Perelli Cinturato P7 tires


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Aug 31, 2008
225/40-R18 Perelli Cinturaco P7 tires on VW “Durban” 18x7.5 inch wheels.

$1,800 new for a set!
$390 each on eBay!

A bargain at $850 for the four!

These came off my 2015 Golf Sportwagen. They're straight and and round balanced and smooth. I felt zero vibration at any highway
speed. The tread is worn evenly. They came on the car from the dealer, less than 100 miles ago, where they were measured and balanced
on a Hunter RoadForce balancer.

VW part numbers: 5G0601025G; 5G0601025G88Z
VW's name: "Durban"
Bolt circle: 5x112
center bore: 57.1 mm
offset: 51 mm

There's a small amount of curb rash you can see in the pictures.

These should fit any 2006+ VW Golf or Jetta, probably a bunch of other VW/Audi models too.

model: Perelli Cinturato P7
size: 225/40-R18
Manufacture date: June of 2017. (Date codes: 2517 and 2617)
Original tread depth: 10/32"
Measured tread depths: 6/32", 5.5/32", 5/32", 5/32"

I'll deliver within a reasonable distance, or mount them on your car if you come to me. I have a proper jack and know how to use a torque wrench!

all-four.JPG RR-tread.JPG RR-full.JPG RF-tread.JPG RF-full.JPG LR-tread.JPG LR-full.JPG LF-tread.JPG LF-full.JPG RF-depth.JPG
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