Vacation next week in NH, what can i bring?


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Mar 25, 2008
Do your shooting at a range, on your own land or with permission from a local landowner.

New Hampshire is not "Planet Gun".

There are "no target shooting" signs popping up allover many rural towns in Southern NH. Next step will be the locals posting their land. Trees are not a backstop !
They are on my property.

There are plenty of places that are good to go to shoot at that are not "ranges", you just need to know where they are. I was up in Alton at a spot last summer that was FLOODED with MA and CT license plates and these folks were all getting their jolly's off shooting into dirt piles. I would ask that the OP not be a dbag and shoot up an appliance or some electronics or anything messy like that, that is what really gets people pissed and makes them close down known shooting spots. Steel targets are not that expensive and don't take up that much space.
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Jun 25, 2010
New Hampshire offers concealed carry reciprocity to any state which recognizes NH resident P&R (Currently 25 states). So if you don't like paying $100 for a 4-year non-resident card, pressure your state to accept New Hampshire's.

Yeah, I know, this doesn't help Massachusetts residents.

Depending on where you go Wally World tries to enforces mass law, Ma. Permit required to purchase ammo and they will not accept a NH carry permit.
Seems to be mostly isolated to WalMart locations near the border, I don't get carded at the one on 101A or further north. Cashier gets the universal "+21?" popup (Federal law on pistol ammo) and just closes it instantly. There are a few gun shops that ask to see a MA-LTC or proof you aren't a MA resident, but that's another thread entirely.

Hey guys, headed to NH for some much needed relaxation next week. Can I bring a rifle for plinking etc..... Thanks guys.
New Hampshire doesn't care. Remember to buy lots of ammo while you're up here in no-sales-tax land.
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