USMC Birthday

Aug 18, 2005
New hampshire
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Happy Birthday to all of you who are Uncle Sams Mis-guided Children!

Today is Nov 10th. It was in Philidelphia at Tuns Tavern in 1775 that a few drunks got together a said that it would be kind of cool to sit up in the crows nest of our ships and pick off the British.

Two hundred and thirty years ago today, the finest fighting force the world was ever to see was conceived in a small place in Philadelphia, PA, called Tun Tavern when Congress ordered Samuel Nicholas to raise the very first Company of Marines.

We have never looked back! From the Barbary Pirates and Mexican wars to Iwo Jima to the frozen Chosin, our Colors have never fallen.

Happy Birthday Marines!

Semper Fi!

Tony D.
former Sergeant of Marines, USMC
Happy Birthday to all the Jarheads who have fought and given their lives so I can be here today.

I truly appreciate your sacrifices for my freedom.


Happy Birthday - Semper Fi

I already posted in the other one, but it's worth repeating...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearhearts!!! (I just love a man in Marine dress [wink] )
Interestingly enough,, the company I use for my Lodge's webpage, just sent me an email about the Corps' birthday.

Here is their salute to the Marine Corps. Warning: this is NOT dialup friendly - seems to be a big download.

Enjoy, Marines.
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