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UN & destroying firearms


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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
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I was reading a thread on a diferent forum about East German SKS rifles and why they aren't available here in the states. Someone mentioned that because of the UN many military weapons were destroyed and the thread went off from there. I did see this reply from a guy named Stan that I wanted to quote here because it was just plain funny but true.[grin]

"It's all so some politician or UN official can say "look what I did I destroyed 30,000 assault rifles". You gotta love it, they do all that and then Yugoslavia sells us a seemingly endless supply of SKS's, not to mention the 50 quadrillion Romanian WASR-10 AK's that came into the US in the past couple years! Take THAT, United Nations!!!! And your gay light blue helmets suck too!!!!"

The UN destroying guns is a joke. If they do so, it's always for some big
political smokescreen.

Hell, one could argue that by destroying rifles all the UN is doing is ensuring
a consistent demand for new product. The major dealers which supply
the guns used in third world wars pretty much scoff at the UN.... their
arms embargos and the like are feeble attempts and easily circumvented.

The crowning irony with the UN is that one time they hired Victor Bout's
air transport company to move UN materiel around in africa.... of course
what they didn't know was that Victor owned the planes. He is one of
the biggest small arms dealers/smugglers in the world, and the UN hired him to
move blue helmet types around. This makes it readily apparent that the UN is
not very bright and has little to no real influence without the actions of
security council members; who all, by the way, like to sell arms to anyone
thats on their side and wants to buy them. :) I don't even know why
the UN bothers keeping up with the charades with small arms
anymore. They're a joke and everyone knows it.

Oh one other thing.... WASR-10s are small in number compared to the number of real
AKM rifles floating around in the world... and in the third world a real AKM wholesales for about
$100. It's enough to make any gunperson cry. Hell, sometimes AR/M4/M16 derivatives are even
extremely cheap when they appear due to the lack of 5.56 ammo in the third world.

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