WTS ultra high end gaming PC...MEGA savings for a great xmas gift

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Feb 23, 2014
Cape Cod
location - Cape Cod

Hey all,

Does your kid want a gaming PC for xmas? perhaps you do yourself.

First off, if you have questions, ask me. Secondly, like firearms, there are hundreds or thousands of configurations of PC's; and things that become outdated etc. While this PC is a few years old, it still performs better than my best friends brand new rig from the same manufacturer. The truth is, the tech surrounding the PC gaming sphere has WAY outpaced the games, and we are moving into an area where improvements are measured at the fractional level.

I used to be a pretty hardcore PC gamer. I never play anymore, at all.This computer was purchased from Digital Storm (high end gaming PC outfit): This PC will play any game out right now, at full settings with excellent performance. Guaranteed.

Case - Corsair 600t (mesh front, side and top)
case fans - 2 240mm intake/exhaust fans
Processor - intel i7 2600k quad core (overclocked to 4.6 ghz)
Processor cooling - Corsair H70 liquid cooling
Graphics card - Radeon R9 280x (asus direct cuii top edition)
ram - 16gb 1600mhz DDR3 corsair vengeance
Power supply - corsair gs800
Motherboard - Asus p67 sabertooth (milspec. i.e. water/dust shield)
Hard drive 1 - Solid State - seagate 600 series, 256gb, 6gb/s
hard drive 2 - Solid State - intel gaming series, 128 gb, 3gb/s
Blue ray player
CD/DVD burner
.Red LED internal case lighting
White fan lighting
Windows 7
Asus 24" 144 hz 3d (or 2d) gaming monitor

I played BF4 religiously when it first came out last year, 1080p resolution, all settings ultra, average FPS is right around 100 (industry standard is about 50)

I take my reputation very seriously on NES. I figured at least one of you will be looking for good xmas deals. Look no further, get your kid the rig that would equate to a sub MOA rifle, out of the box

Original Cost - $3,200
Cost to build with same specs today - $2,100
Selling price - $ 900 ($800 green members) obo.... FULLY READY TO PLAY. There is not one issue with this PC. I can email/text pictures to you.
FTF meet, or pickup from my house. don't go waste money, pay less for more.
John @ (508)280-9220. No LTC required ;)

I would trade this for a firearm of some sort. Let me know if that is an option.

I'm selling this because it goes unused, and I am filling the LWRC REPR + optics coffers :).
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