Two bad ones in NH

This is NH.

No guns are illegal up there. You can buy anything you can afford (yes, even full auto) WITHOUT any permits! Permit is only for CCW of handguns, that is it.

So, the guy owned the gun legally as long as he hadn't been adjudicated (by a judge) as incompetent when he made the purchase.
Well a Big problem with bipolars is the disease is bad enugh to greatly impare judgement....but the Manic side of it feels so good some would rather not stifle it with thier meds.

Same with schizophrenics, except their paranoia sometimes leads them to think thier meds are poisonous.

You wouldn't expect a para-pelligic to go out without thier wheelchair, or a cronic near-sighted to go around without glasses.....

-Weer'd Beard
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