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Two air shows June 24-25

I used to go to the Otis air shows every year. I was there when the guy lost control and wiped out the jet truck. Amazing he lived through that.
I'm bugging out now though because its crazy that this thread is posted today and just last night I had a dream that some old military planes were flying around where I work and an accident happened. Usually when an air show comes around they practice landing/takeoff, maneuvers, etc. at the New Bedford airport and we can hear and see the planes really well from the bay doors of the body shop I work at since were only a few miles away. This usually happens quite a few times during the year.
The scary thing about it is in my dream someone was flying an old MIG-15 and I was watching it as it descended way lower than most of the planes do as it disapeared from my sight behind some houses. Then I heard the crash and saw the explosion. I also remember dreaming that I was explaining to local news stations what I saw.
Even more freaky is that the day I saw the guy dump the jet truck at Otis, I had a feeling he was gonna do so while he was taking off down the runway and even told my wife before he did. Only other I had that feeling and thats happened to me was when the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up. I haven't looked at the schedule for the RI show but I hope there are no MIGs flying that day.[thinking]
I went to the last one ever held at the Brunswick Naval Air Station about 10 years ago. Missed the last one at Pease AFB about 15 or more years ago. I'd love to go to one of these and bring the grill for the tailgate. I LOVE checking out the old planes.
I was just checking out the website for show in Westfield and the the pic of the A-10 shows the plane climbing up from a huge fireball. Fitting and so d*mm cool ! [smile]
We usually get to see the planes flying around from our yard. They always fly out this way.[smile] Joys of living close to Westfield.
The A-10's aren't going to be at Barnes much longer either. I love seeing them fly.
Reminds me of when we lived in Portland OR right after 9/11: flights of 6 F-15 taking off and flying a couple of hundred feet above our house.
A person I worked with at the late DEC was involved with security at the air show at Ft. Devens many years ago. One year he asked me to help him out. It was a blast watching the show and wandering aboard some of the aircraft, even though I had no idea what I was looking at.

I'm not sure but that might have been the last show out there. Haven't seen or heard from him (Bob Barber) in too many years now. BTW, he was also a shooter.
those warthogs are animals! Fitchburg/Leominster has not done a air show in a few years... damn jerk running the place now! I will see if I can make it to one of those shows, always great to to history up close.
One of the times we went to the airshow at Barnes, we went up to a german plane with their german pilots there, and I surprised them by speaking german to them. We'll have to see what is going on at that time, and maybe we will make out to this one.
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