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Trip to Mexico

Jun 21, 2005
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I already know that I can't bring my guns. My daughter is two years old does any one know if I need identification for her. May girl friend said that she was going to “make some calls”. I told her that you guys may know and save her the hours on the phone.
I know that this isn’t quite related to guns. Thanks in advance for any help.
Reality check: you don't need to talk with a lawyer about everything. If you want to find out information about travel in Mexico, you'll almost certainly get better information than 99.99% of practicing attorneys could ever give you by simply contacting the Mexican Consulate. There's one in downtown Boston at 20 Park Plaza. The phone number for their visa and tourism section is (617) 426-4181 ext. 209.

For non-business trips under 30 days, a US citizen doesn't need any visa, but will need either a current passport or other proof of identity and citizenship. I normally spend several weeks a year in Mexico, but it's been a while since my kids were that young. I seem to recall that minor children will need similar documentation and must either be traveling with both parents or have notarizerd statements from the absent parent(s) giving permission for the adults with whom they're traveling to take them into Mexico. Again, all you need to do is call the consulate and ask to get it from the horse's mouth. (i.e., Señor Eduardo).

NB: Not only are all firearms illegal in Mexico without special permits, but even a couple of loose rounds un your trunk can get you a felony conviction in Mexico, which the US Supreme Court has ruled counts as a permanent disqualifier.


No this ain’t a custody thing just my brothers wedding in Cancun. Both parents will be there. Thanks Ken. Also I know you are into diving I would love to try it, but two things. One I am not certified, and two, I have one perforated ear drum, I usually wear at least one ear plug while surfing. Any advice. Also how about pepper spray?
I don't know about pepper spray in Mexico. IIRC Massachusetts is one of only 2 states that place any restrictions on adults purchasesing, possessing and/or carrying pepper spray. I don't have any specific information about Mexico, however.

As to ears, the first thing to realize is that doctors who have any understanding about diving are about as rare as attorneys who have a really good grasp of firearm laws. Your going to have to locate a specialist to get good advice about your particular situation. I'd start by checking with the Divers' Alert Network (DAN) at http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/ to see if they could recommend someone locally. You really don't want water in your middle ear, parcticular if it's associated with sudden pressure changes; cold water can also give you a really bad case of vertigo, so you definitely want to keep it out. The general recommendation is that you should not dive with a perforated eardrum. That being said, some people have claimed good results for certain kinds of vented earplugs. I also know of a diver who had a special mask with a cover for his ear. Some people have also had what amounts to a skin graft (myringoplasty) to repair the perforation.

If you've made arrangement through a travel agent - ask them. They will know who needs an ID, etc. Or, call the Mex. Con. as Ken suggested. Also, I don't think you'll get the pepper spray through customs, and I don't know what the Mexican custom agents are like....personally, I wouldn't chance it, but that's my opinion.
I don't know about Mexico. But we have to go to England for a wedding next year. When I was talking to various travel people we were told that YES, all children will need a passport. And that a passport for a child under 16 IIRC is good for only 5 years, not 10 like an adults.

And being that we're having a baby in February, we were told that we're going to have to get a Passport that the baby as well. But, it takes both parents to get a childs passport, so that would cover the needing both parents concent deal.
Mexico if remember rightly one parent can not bring a child without written consent from the other parent. I forget when it goes into effect for a passport to go to mexico. When we went last January just needed a drivers license as an adult,and birth certificate for a child. They really didn't check either. Just asked if we were US Citizens each time we went.
I just don't remember when they go into effect. My brother wasn't worried about it since he was moving from Del Rio,TX. Where he was right on the mexican border.
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