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Trench Gun copies


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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
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Are the trench gun copies with bayonet lug banned in Massachusetts? I'm taking about the ones you see sold in milsurp flyers that are copies of the old WW2 pump action trench guns. They have a bayonet lug mounted up front and will take the long Enfield style bayonet. I've seen them for sale at gun shows a while back but none since.
In a diferent thread someone mentioned that because it was a pump action shotgun that it may be exempt, but I'm pretty sure if it has a bayonet lug and is made after 10/98, its a no no to own.
It should be exempt as it is a pump action shotgun, and "assault features"
are not regulated on anything that isn't semiautomatic. EG, this is
why folding stocks/pistol grips can be added.

At least this was true under the fed ban, and given that the MA ban is a
virtual duplicate of the same, I'd find it hard to believe that a pump
shotgun had some other regulating attribute on it other than barrel

FWIW, the whole "10/21/98" nomenclature is only for handgun compliance
issues, and has absolutely nothing to do with long guns or shotguns in any way
shape or form.

See my post in the other thread. MGL specifically discounts any pump, bolt, or lever action as an assault weapon. Thus, even if it has the evil features and is considered an assault weapon by the old federal standard, it would not be in Massachusetts. Additionally, you need to have more than the 1 evil feature under the old federal AWB, and these only have one.
Like vellnueve said, pump shotguns don't count. I have one of these that I don't shoot that much and I'm thinking of selling it. If you're ever in my neck of the woods you can try it out. Nice guns but they weigh a ton.
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