Transfer of firearm from out of state

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Sep 16, 2011
I have a few questions concerning the transfer of a firearm from out of state:

1. Is the sale of a firearm from one private individual to another private individual permitted without going through a dealer with a FFL? (I believe that I know the answer to this one)
2. If the firearm were given (no money changed hands) would it still be considered an out of state transaction?
3. If the firearm were given to you by a family member, say your mother, would it still be considered an out of state sale?
4. If the gun belonged to you and it had been in long-term storage at an out of state family members house, if you brought it into state (MA) would it still be considered an out of state transfer?

I have a number of guns that have been with my mother in Florida and I am trying to figure out how best to fill out the online MA registration. Of the seven registration options, if I select the one labeled "Registration", it asks for a seller's name. For this I want to put my mother since she is the possessor of the guns but I don't want to get into trouble since she lives out of state.

Thanks in advance for the responses.

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Feb 26, 2005
1. Fed law mandates that FTF is only legal if both parties live in the same state. Otherwise it must go thru an FFL (any state for long gun, FFL in state of new owner only for handgun).
2. Transaction is change in ownership. Money is irrelevant.
3. See 2.
4. If you own it, regardless of where stored, it is not a transfer when you retrieve it. If bringing into MA you have 7 days to report it as a "registration" (NO info on gun source, only description of you and gun).

If you put your Mother as "seller", you can expect to possibly explain your way out of a Federal Felony. Don't be surprised if BATFE and local PD show up to grill you. Skip that screen and life is good. Put NO info there.
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