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Training for MA LTC


Oct 5, 2005
MA - Northshore
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Would be interesting to see where such training is held and costs.

Danvers Fish & Game Club provides such training on Wed/Thu evenings the third week of the month, except Jul and Aug. Fee is $75 for non-members. Can accomodate up to 70 in class which includes actual shooting of .22 rf pistol and revolver.
We do it at Westford (generally on the second Saturday of January, March, May, September and November) for $65, with discounts for multiple registrants. These classes usually run 10-15 students. I do private classes for $75 any time that's mutually convenient, also with discounts for multiple registrations. No live fire during the classes themselves, but standing invitation for students to come back at a mutually conveninet time for some range time.

The class we run at the MRA in Woburn is $100 for members, $150 for non-members. It's the 2nd Saturday of each month,except July and August, followed up with an evening class with local LEOs who go over the law portion.

The session includes the classroom which runs from 8am to about noon, a break for lunch, then a range portion where you shoot .22 revolver (25 rds), 9mm (25 rds)Sig 226/228 and .38 revolver (25 rds), plus one round of .357 magnum for effect [wink]

Up to 10 students (sometimes 11) with individualized coaching. We fill up quickly. Right now we're half full for the September class. Occasionally we do a double class so we'll have 20 students that month. We're also in the process of working on a system to have individual classes, but that's just speculation right now.
Check the calendar or go to www.massrifle.com
Ed and I teach out of our home. We schedule classes once a week and charge $75.00. Class size limited to 4 folks (sometimes 5 if there's a couple).
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