Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

These are the best photos I've gotten off my cheap camera:


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Awesome Love seeing them in velvet! I went the cheap camera route and would have like 10 or 20 pics in a week And lots of just deer butts walking by and blanks with nothing. Until I bought reconyx they are expensive but they dont miss anything. Now i get hundreds of pics a week sometimes thousands.
Define break. Moultrie for decent and cheap $80ish and Cuddie for great pictures and $180ish. A moultrie sat on Craigslist for months at $50 used once and finally sold. 3 Cuddiebacks just sold this week for $3oo on another site. Great buy.
I blew 200 on a spy point that sucked. I love my reconyx camera but they sure break the bank at $500 for one and $600 for the other.
I just bought a second Bushnell Trophy cam from Optics Planet.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Brown Black LED Night Vision Field Scan - 1080P w/ Color Viewer 119467C
I had one for a couple of years and liked it and picked up a new one. This one at night time doesn't have leds that glow red. There is no way to tell that is it there and working. I wanted that for some security stuff. It can last up to one year on 12 lithium AA batteries and can take a 32 gig card. I still have the original one and really like them both.
I had started off with a Moultree and had problems and exchanged it at Walmart and then again sent to factory they were very nice and sent me a new one and free batteries but it still didn't work right.
I know some have bashed Optics Planet but this is my second purchase from them and all has gone well.
I 2nd the idea of avoiding Moultries. The pic quality is fine but the trigger time is too long.
For sure. Camera quality is really no big deal - after all, an 8MP pocket camera is chump change nowadays. The money has to do with trigger time, IR illumination quality, and dealing with glare and low light. Read the reviews out there - one of the top complaints is trigger time. Any camera you get without really good trigger activation and time-to-first-pic might as well not be there, unless you like blurry pictures of animal rumps.

Cue the Blitz1 jokes.
I would suggest if you don't work for National Geographic and your job depends on the best quality and you can well afford to have your camera stolen, then spend the extra money. As I write the Moultrie just flashed in our yard. Red lense spot showed a female gray fox. Quality no. More than sufficieint you betcha. J.D.. I will post pictures in the next few days.
I just bought a wildveiw x8ir from the bass pro shop. $100. AWESOME camera. instead of me typing all about it, heres the link to it on the BPS website

-high and low resolution
-video clips

It takes really good pictures and even better night pictures. For $100 you get alot more than you pay for

could you put it up on a tree and just walk infront of it. so we can check it out? I am looking for a camera too.
Jesus, if you ever want to trap those let me know. I am licensed in NH and MA. NH is $300 a year, but you can use legholds and snares and conibers.

I developed a cage trap that you can mount to a tree that nails Fisher cats.
Lots of cats in the pictures.
Yeah, they are making a real comeback. It's to be expected, I guess - a lot less varmint hunting over the decades as farming faded. I, for one, welcome our new allies in the fight against varmints. That will, of course, change should we ever start raising poultry.
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