Took our nephew shooting

Mar 21, 2005
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We took our nephew and his friend to the range on Saturday for their first trip out shooting. Brought along the .22 rifles and pistols for them to shoot at some steel targets as well as a few left over Halloween gourds. :) They both did well and our nephew has expressed an interest in doing some more shooting in the future.

We ran out of time so they didn't get to shoot Tina's AR, we'll have to do that next time. Actually Tina hasn't even gotten to shoot her AR yet. :( I put it together for her this summer & we've only been out shooting pistols or silhouettes (.22 rifle) together since then. Hopefully within the next week or two.

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to take my other nephews to the ranges as well. They don't live as close and I still need to clear that with my sister so that will take little more time.

Always good to hear of a first timer.

One step closer to keeping the next generation shooting!

Yep, as they say. Shooting sports starts with the Women and the Kids.

They say that the Women are the most important because it's the Mom's that are going to say what the kids are going to do for sports. And then like Adam said, we need to kids to get into it to keep it going for years to come.
We haven't been able to take him out before due to some health reasons, so this was a good day out for him. Hopefully we'll get out a few more times if we've got some more good weekends & then as the weather warms up next year get him out a bit more frequently.

As for my other nephews, getting my sister to allow them to go will be the challenge. She has opened up to the idea a bit more recently though. I've also tried to impress upon her the importance of them being familiar with firearms just for their own knowledge and safety. We'll see how that goes over the next couple of years.:)

I really beleieve it is never to old to teach them. Alan grew up with them so he knew they were not toys and never treated them as such. He had his toy guns too. He was hunting with grandpa and dad from the time he was 5. One of the cutest pictures I have of him is him and the pheasants and both dogs next to him. Our springer at the time was young,so he and the boy grew up together.
I remember taking two of my wife's nephews shooting for the first time along with our two kids, who had already been shooting for several years. Their dad's an AF Reserve Colonel, so the older one naturally started out there. After slots in his MOS dried up after 8 years, he went Army. The younger one's been Army from the start. Sorry, but I'm starting to feel old; I'll have to head over to the range recover. [wink]

Aw, Ken don't feel too bad. My oldest nephew is now 26,he was only 4 when we got married. The few times I've gone back home,and all my little cousins that I babysat and changed their diapers,they all have babies now. Some days I feel older than others. [lol]
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