To shoot or not to shoot

they have to deal with public scrutiny, as well as internal investigations.

"You almost feel like a suspect. I can tell you personally that is upsetting," he said.

Gee... just like any other citizen of Marxachusetts. How... humiliating. [/sarcasm]

Although someone armed with a Buick should automatically be considered armed and dangerous. I don't understand why reporters don't get that.
Right. Why is it so hard to understand.

When you read about most police shooting it's one of just a few things. Sucide by Cop, Someone just shooting at the officer, or someone driving a car at the officer.

You really don't just hear about cops just shooting people willy-nilly.

If I had the choice of being run down by a car, or shooting the driver so he will stop trying to run me down. I think I know what I'm going to do.
I don't think that there are many places left in the United States where a police officer will not undergo extreme investigation after he or she is involved in a shooting incident. The whole issue of personal combat with a firearm is extremely complex with many pyschological dynamics, some of these dynamics involve the officer's personal pyschological make-up and some are created by a society that wants protection but doesn't want its police to use deadly force with a firearm.

The truth of the matter is that most police shootings are justified, but that does not get the officer off the hook and presumption of guilt is immediately thrust upon that officer. If the officer survives an internal affairs investigation, then possibly indictment by a grand jury and then trial, there is always civil court and the lawsuit by the victim or heirs of the victim. As most of us know, one can prevail in criminal court and lose in civil court.

It is going to be even worse for the lawfully armed civilian. The great lesson here is that if anyone, cop or civilian must resort to deadly force with a firearm, his or her life is going to change forever.


What was the officer thinking? Climb onto a stolen vehicle?

They heard the local police were chasing two teenagers, who were driving erratically in a stolen Jeep Cherokee, so they decided to help.

He said he managed to climb on top of the moving Jeep in an attempt to slow the suspects down.

Exactly what I was wondering. Why in the heck would you climb on top of a fleeing vehicle? Watched too many Hollyweird movies?
"Watched too many Hollyweird movies?" M1911

Life imitates art sometimes which underscores the importance of good training. I would also have to say that sometimes when the adrenaline gets pumping, sometimes people just react to things first and think about them later. That is, unfortunately, why there are so many dead heroes.


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