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To buy or not to buy, Dillon RL450


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Apr 27, 2005
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I have a chance to pick up a Dillon RL450 with dies for 9mm, .40, 30-06, and .357; comes with tumbler for $150

Is this a good unit?
How hard is it to set up?
Anyone have one of these?

I need to get back to him today.
I don't have a 450, but I do have, and love, my 550B. Check with Dillon Precision before you buy, because if it is important to you, they sell an upgrade kit for use in turning your 450 into a 550B.

Very nice machines, those Dillons.
Check the price on a 550, subtract the cost of the upgrades, and then figure if it's a good deal.

Myself, I would buy it at that price, assuming it's in good condition.

And, if you don't want it at that price, I'll want it.
Those were included. He might not load for all, or any of them, and may load for others. I'd wager he's going to load 223 as well.

TypeO, if you want some, I've got a bunch of 223 brass. It's all Boxer primed, some foreign military, some US Commercial. I'm not going to sort it, but I've removed all the WCC, RA and LC brass from it. If you want some or all of it, let me know. There's probably a thousand cases or more. You'll pay for the shipping.
I probably won't bother with the 9mm, I don't shoot enough of it to reload. I'll likely keep with the Winchester white box on that. But you never know

I don't own a 30-06 so I may put that up in the classified when I get it.

Hum, .357 don't own one, But I have though about a 686 down the road.

I will definitely be reloading .45 ACP

I will Definitely be reloading .223

Thanks for the offer Nickle, But I think I'll be good on the .223. I Knew I would eventually buy a press so I have been saving brass.
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