Tips/Advice for renewal of LTC-A in Needham, MA

Nov 3, 2009
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Well, the time is approaching for me to renew. I originally received my permit in Newton, restricted to hunting/sports. I have since moved to Needham, where I filed a change of address form. I am planning on renewing, and see that I need to interview with the local PD and provide two fresh references, as someone who has not been officially licensed in Needham (I guess the change of address does not count). I see that Needham is listed as a "green" town in the sub-forum here, hoping that is still the case. I am really hoping to have the restrictions removed and have the permit converted to ALP. Not sure if that info is up to date, though, and what my chances are.

So now I want to make sure I do everything I can to ensure the best chance of getting an unrestricted LTC upon renewal, if it is possible. Or finding out if it is not, so I can manage my expectations. I really would like to be able to conceal carry, and it will be a disappointment if it proves to be not possible here, but such is life. I would be willing to seek legal advice if anyone has had experience with that and found it helpful.

If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Make sure you file address change with newton, needham and the state...
Dont want any extra grief when renewing
This is very encouraging to hear, thanks. I think when I filed the change of address in Needham I had to notify the state and Newton as well, but I'll check on that.

Should I do anything besides write "for all lawful purposes" on the application to indicate I would like the restrictions removed, or is that sufficient?
You do need to notify the new chief in your new town when moving, not just the old town and state, so 3 notices go out.

I wouldn't sweat it in Needham. That seems to be a requirement now according to their website. Just do ALP and follow the application instructions.

My girlfriend got her training certificate last year and have procrastinated. Not sure if I want to hassle a few neighbors to write a letter now for Needham.
Likely moving to Framingham in a few months, and they seem to not require written letters according to their website.

Got my 1st LTC in Needham, no restrictions, and have renewed several times with the last being 2 years ago, so never had to do written references or interview.
Last renewal was just a walk in with whoever is there, no appointment. All electronic photo, prints, and application.
I had brought a completed app, but they didn't take, just reenter info as they ask you on computer, then you sign.
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