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Mar 8, 2005
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We need to start some type of three gun competition here in northern new england. Or maybe just some type of tactical shooting competition. The time has come
Pelham Fish and Game is your best bet........I am working on getting a membership there....they allow IDPA/IPSC and other practical rifle can EVEN shoot Class III weapons - Class III isnt welcome at several NH ranges.
If you want to start a Three Gun program which will already have an installed base of customers waiting for a match, try USPSA ( - click the link at the top for the rulebooks. There have been a few developments in recent years to improve USPSA three gun:

1. The rules now support '"Multi-Gun" matches. Multi-gun matches use more than one gun type in a single stage.

2. In addition to Limited (Iron sight eerything), Open (optics allowed on everything, and speedloaders allowed on shotguns), USPSA now supports "Tactical Division" which is basically "Limited, but you are allowed to have one optic on the rifle". This is the most popular division at many 3-gun matches.

3. The Three Gun Nationals now has the direct support of our National organization and is increasing in prominence.

If anyone is interested in further info, visit or PM me.[/url]. The last local Three Gun match was at Harvard Sportsmens and they filled to capacity (40 shooters +/-).

Pelham used to have an actie IPSC handgun program, howeer, it was run by two people who no longer had the motiation to do all the work. There are still plenty of IPSC handgun shooters who have three gun equipment would would no doubt show up at matches.
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