Threat to Junior programs, need your help now


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Apr 13, 2005
Ft Myers, Florida
I received this email from Maureen Trickett and I am posting this here on her behalf:

Dear Juniors and Parents

On Monday there will be a meeting at the state police baracks in Framingham at 10am. This is a regulatory law, meaning that if our govenor wants this it is so, without any vote or signature.

This "law" will effect all junior programs, women on target, fun days, family days, and all programs regarding anyone under 18. They will be cut.

I am urging anyone who can junior and parents to attend the meeting on monday. I know this is asking alot, but we have alot to loose.

I am putting my name on the roster to speak in behalf of the ma junior programs, i would like as many aas possible to back me. if you can attend wear you medals bring plaques, trophies what you have. Wear your team shirts, club shirts etc.

i do not know if it will make a difference but we cannot just let it go. Please join me.

If you can attend please send me an email. [email protected]

Also please send this to anyone who would be interested, send emails, facebook, txt messages, we only have a matter of hours to let people know what may end our junior programs in MA and the competitions.

Thank you

Maureen Trickett
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