This looks like fun...Lets have one of these shoots!!

Idaho nothing... My cousin has a friend in ME with a BIG piece of property. They have fun shooting propane tanks with incendiary rounds from his 50BMG. He's got some funny stories!

hehehe. I have to give my cousin a call soon. I will be going up for just a short overnight in the next couple of weeks. I'll have to see if he can get me behind that 50.

Cross-X said:
So which local gun club is going to host it. Maybe we should ask Len to seek permission from Braintree Pistol & Rifle...

Fat chance of that happening!

BR&P BOD turned down Jim Conway's request to run a behind the firing line defensive handgun course (the one he's running at Westford)! They decided that no non-member sponsored training will be allowed.

Besides we now have expensive condos overlooking our firing lines (they can't really see due to lattice work), with some of the crazies up there yelling from their fence line that they don't like the noise/shooting! BR&P has been there since 1891 and the condos only for the past 3-4 years, but you can bet they will be making our lives miserable! [Laws are irrelevant when crazies complain to "town fathers" . . . it happens everywhere and it's "only a matter of time" IMNSHO.]
Can we put a group order for some Tannerite in. And maybe we could pick up something big to stuff it in. Like a u-haul van...

Things that go boom make me happy. I am a simple woman. It go "boom!", me go "yay!"
Once a year I get email from the fire chief in Unaweep, CO inviting me to their annual fundraiser - not sure how I got on the list, but I always find it amusing that a fire department is running a dynamite shoot as it's annual fundraiser.
Way to go !
If I'd suggested that to our fire chief
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