This is the best news I've heard in a while!

It's about time these liberal whores just flat out realized war is WAR! It's not nice, or friendly... People get KILLED! And people are there to KILL people... Not to hand out hugs as they would like...

Greg said:
Is this the Lt.Pantano case ? If not it should set some sort of precedence for the Lt.

It isn't LT P's case. This was the one caught on video. LT P's case wasn't on tape and it's one pissed off Corporal's word saying that LT P murdered innocent insurgents.

Hopefully it will help in his case.
Now if they would get rid of the media with our troops and let our guys do their jobs like they were sent over to do would be even better. Hooah, hopefully he won't have anything in his records either. This should never have been an issue.
MrsWildweasel said:
It was all over the news,for at least a week if not more. The media was playing it up like you wouldn't believe.

No - not the original story - the fact that he was found innocent. :D
Fox News reported it yesterday or the day before, with videos of the event in question.
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