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Mar 9, 2005
Haverhill, MA
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NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. - John Rocchio remembers his wife as a fetching young woman with an air of intelligence and a fine pair of legs. Amelia Rocchio recalls her husband as a handsome young man who didn't have much to say at first. It was the start of something beautiful - and long-lasting.

Wed in a Roman Catholic church in Providence in 1923, the Rocchios marked their 82nd anniversary several months ago and could be the world's longest-married couple.

"Patience and understanding will get you a long way - especially with your wife," John, 101, explained matter-of-factly on a recent morning at the home where he and his 99-year-old wife live with the younger of their two daughters.

The Web site of Guinness World Records lists a British couple as holding the record with an 80-year marriage, but the husband died earlier this month at 105. Who is next in line is unclear, and Guinness did not respond to requests for comment.

John Rocchio is not interested in laying claim to the record: "To me, too much publicity - what would I gain from it?"

The couple's relationship began when Amelia was 17.

John was walking one day from the trade school where he studied the printing business to his uncle's laundry when he spotted her. He was smitten.

"I hadn't met at my age, at the time, a girl that I went out with that was attractive and so knowledgeable," he said. "Just mention something and she had read it."

The two later went for a walk.

"I said to him, `You don't say too much. You don't talk too much. How come?' ... And he said, `Well, I'm a guy with a few words,'" Amelia recalled.

She was a "perfect" wife, John recalled, preparing dinners for him - including his beloved pasta e fagioli - and putting up with his passion for new cars. In turn, he accompanied her often to the theater and to vaudeville shows.

He worked for years in the printing industry, retiring in the mid-1970s after a long career as a compositor for The Providence Journal.

Asked what has kept them together so long, his wife answered: "Love."
My wife's divorce lawyer is Gaston Glock. I think you know who that is.

No, I'm not getting divorced, but, it makes a good joke. Wouldn't put it past her, to shoot me if I get stupid, either. She's actually fairly nice, just not very forgiving.
MrsWildweasel said:
Glenn says that about me. That and I'm a trained killer so you wouldn't want to piss me off. :D

Before my hand surgeries, I used to beat him regularly (at the range people, at the range), but since I've lost some dexterity and feeling in my hands, we're pretty much even now. Once in a while he squeaks by me. That article kind of gives me hope. Although, since we were both in our 30's when we got hitched, we might make 60, but that's a stretch. One can always hope tho. :D
Could be worse.

I'm the trained killer. I love Long Distance. She used to be better with a handgun than me.

She's just the "Ex OJT Drill Sergeant", while she was Supply Sergeant (as an E-4) in a Basic Training/AIT unit.
Ah, we married fairly young. Glenn 20,me 23. Nickle she just keeps you in line. :D I always said Glenn would have made a great DI.
Yeah, I was a 21 year old SP5, she was a 20 year old PFC when we got married. Makes a HELL of a story.

"Where did you meet your wife?"

"We had dinner together in a Mess Hall, with a Mutual Friend."

And that's no BS.

Keep me in line? Never happen. After the mortgage was paid and the kids long gone, I started buying more firearms. She got kinda worried, after the second sniper rifle I bought. That was a LONG explanation. I used to shoot Bench Rest (competition), and she knew about that, just never put the 2 together.
Yes, Glenn outranked me too. He was a SP4,me PFC. I'm bad I encourage his addictions,guns,bikes(when he was into them) whatever the hobby may be. I have never minded any of his hobbies. I can only claim we met because I worked with him and lived in the same barracks.
Cool.I was on the promotion list when I got out. Just wasn't going t deal with it anymore. Easier for one of us to be in then both.
I heard that. I had to give up an assignment to Key West, Florida to go to Fort Bliss, Texas (El Paso). That hurt, but I remember unloading the Key West's unit's equipment at Ft Bliss before I went back to Germany.
Nickle said:
My wife's divorce lawyer is Gaston Glock. I think you know who that is.

No, I'm not getting divorced, but, it makes a good joke. Wouldn't put it past her, to shoot me if I get stupid, either. She's actually fairly nice, just not very forgiving.

A few years ago there was some big political/social event in Boston, so of course Mumbles Menino and his wife were there. I don't recall the exact context (probably Clinton), but somehow the conversation happend to touch on cheating. Somebody said to Menino's wife that they figured she would never put up with that sort of thing from him. She smiled sweetly and so, "Oh, no. I don't believe in divorce ... I believe in homicide." Tommy may be an asshat, but his wife seems to have her head screwed on straight.

Patrick and I are getting married in 2 months. Every time I respond to something with a sarcastic answer (which is about every 13.6 minutes) he reminds me that husbands die first because they WANT to...

82 years? Gotta love that. She must be the nicest woman on Earth [mrgreen]
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