This guy just wont learn will he?

TonyD said:
How the hell do you try to swallow a blanket?
You'd be surprised what they try and do. We had one one night who tried to drown himself in the terlit!

Worse than having your jaw broken, one guard was spit on by him. Rumor has it, the piece of crap has the "Bug"!
No kidding. What a loser. This really shocked our little community, everybody knows everybody in RI. I didn't know this Detective personally but I have friends who did. It's real sad. The really sad part is that there will be an investigation against Police brutality for the injuries this maggot sustained. And oh jeez, the poor fella has "mental problems". No kidding. And if he eats his blanket, the Corrections Officers on duty would probably be in a world of trouble, and the state would end up dishing out $$$$$$$$$ to his poor, heartbroken family who were deprived of thier son by the state's negligence, providing a deadly blanket without supervision. But if they remove the blanket, the ACLU will probably show up and say he's being tortured, subjected to extreme temperatures, without so much as a blanket to warm himself! [evil]
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