The Spymasters - CIA in the crosshairs

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Nov 8, 2010
Libertarian Party Command Center
I watched a doc last night that was pretty interesting if you haven't seen it. They're showing it on Showtime. Looks like they have a transcript at this link...

The Directors have really different opinions on a lot of the controversial issues like waterboarding, but they mostly agree on some other things like drone strikes and the Iraq war, which was equally surprising.

Everyone came off as fairly sincere to me. Of course some things are going to be framed in the context of CYA, but the overall narrative seems pretty consistent.

One constant is that everyone is very conscious of how things are going to look in hindsight. It leads to both good and bad decisions. It seems like the biggest enemy the CIA faces is our own government's growing obsession with secrecy. I think some of the mistakes would be received better if there was more transparency. Obviously the CIA relies on secrecy for a lot of its operations, but more transparency when mistakes are made, about the rationale for certain programs, etc. might have actually helped them both domestically and internationally.

The most surprising thing to me was that they all seem to think having drone strikes be under their control instead of the military's is an absolutely terrible idea.
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