The recent "ban wagon" bs seems to be spreading....

The article suggests moonbat transplants. It is Killington after all. Guns in Vermont? Waaah!
Whit Montgomery read the statute that authorizes Vermont towns to enact firearm discharge ordinances, followed by his recommendation for select board consideration. The statute allows a town to regulate discharging of firearms, but not their ownership or their uses that are covered by state hunting and firearm regulations, or their use at regulated firing ranges.

“As I said at the last select board meeting, I recommend prohibiting the use of firearms in specific areas,” Montgomery said, “rather than banning them across the entire town.”

He went on to list the areas he has identified as reasonable “no firearms use” zones: River Road (in entirety), Schoolhouse Road, West Park Road, Barrows Town Road and Roaring Brook Road.

Seems oddly specific.
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