The New Reloading Component/Equipment Trading Thread - Please read the first post

I've been trying to find IMR 4198 locally so I don't have to pay the haz mat on 1 pound of powder. I've had no luck. If anyone wants to trade ounce for ounce, I have many powders. I even have SR4759
I have the following powders that I would like to trade for small pistol primers. Winchester Autocomp, Accurate Arms #5, Ramshot TAC, Ramshot Zip, and Ramshor Silhouette. All are unopened and recently purchased. I will trade for any brand of Small Pistol Primers.
I'm looking to reload .308 Win, and have had no luck recently finding LRPs. I have a variety of small pistol primers that I'd like to trade. Anyone have LRPs they'd be willing to trade? Thanks!
If your still looking I have more than I'll use.


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Let's try this again. There are three simple rules:

  1. To post in here, you must have something to trade. Post only what you have to trade, and what you'd like to get in return. If you want to buy something or sell something outright, please use the Classifieds forum.

  2. Do not post here unless you're posting something to trade. Use PM for any discussion or haggling.

  3. Unlike the last Component trading thread, you can post multiple times in here. Feel free to add a new post when you have something new to trade. Once you trade something, it would be nice if you'd edit your post(s) to indicate that you no longer have the item(s). I'll try to come through here periodically and weed them out.
Hello, I have some 45 Colt cases and some 44 Magnum Cases that I would like to trade for a few small pistol primers. PM me if interested, thanks.


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Lee press stand for trade, no longer needed, moved presses to a permanent spot. It’s in like new condition also come with the blocks figure the value to be about $100, trade for reloading supplies… open to offers. I’m in the Southcoast Mass area not looking to travel too far…


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I’m looking to trade some raw lamb fat for some beeswax.
I’ll be dressing two lambs the end of the month.
Not sure if serious. But I do have 1/2 # of bees wax that I bought from Merrimack Valley Apiary. They're local to me.

Maybe there is an Apiary closer to you?
so, those 2 1lb cans of IMR 4350 i got will be useless for me - it got longer grain and i can fit only 40gn of it into the 6.5CM shell for bullet to sit properly, if anybody wants it and has something to trade - let me know.
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I'd like to try 4350. I have a shitload of 6.5 Creerdmoor brass. It's all from factory ammo. I picked it up at the club, deprimed it, cleaned it and put it away until I find someone who shoots 6.5.
after another brief inventory - i have 1 unopened and 1 slightly used pound cans of AA2495 - i am not going to use it, if anybody interested - let me know.
Ideally, I need small or large magnum primers.
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