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The latest from Ann-One of her best

She makes some good points, at times. For the most part, I see her as an obnoxious, conservative bitch that is now hurting the Right-Wing cause, rather than helping it. The reason, she has had so much publicity, mostly negative, that she feels the need to feed off it, and embarass the Party she supports and values with the "rock star" mentality of "look at me", "aren't I wonderful". A shame. She is extremely intelligent.
Ann understands

that we are in a war for our very survival and the war is here at home with marxists in our midst. There is no nice way to deal with these people. She takes no prisoners because they don't deserve to be taken prisoner. The opposition has no qualms whatsoever about saying and doing outrageous things any time they please and are given a pass by the media and everyone else.
We are so afraid of "offending" someone we cower under the covers because we are afraid of being called nazis or racists or right-wing zealots.

Not trying to argue with anyone, it's just what I believe.

Ann is my hero. If I wasn't so old and fat and she wasn't so young and skinny I'd propose to her
I read the article and wonder if she feels the same as Liberman from Ct.

Yes he is a Dem, but he has stood by the fact he believes that Bush is doing the right thing in Iraq and such (to the point the DNC wants him out).

Say what you will about Liberman for his stances on the 2nd, you should give him at least a tip of your hat for sticking to his beliefs on this issue.

Now if we could get him Pro-2nd he'd be a Republican in Democrats clothing.
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